Collection: buy a button machine

Want to make your own buttons with a button machine?

Button machine, circle cutter, parts and prints are all you need.

With a little material you can print buttons yourself.
A firm button machine, a fast one circle cutter in components can be found here.

Making your own buttons is easy. For a bit Want to see how button machines work?
With the same steps you can make pin buttons, magnets, key rings, ...

You also need top inspiration for your image and a good print on the right paper.
We are happy to help you with that too. Advice about your design, thickness of your paper, dimensions of your circles, device maintenance, crazy ideas, ... 
Feel free to continue using our button expertise as fellow button makers! 

All this with passion and commitment, because that is the only way to make sustainable buttons that 'stick'.

  • We provide 5 year warranty on all our machines and cutters.
  • Ongoing service and expertise (repairs / maintenance / advice)
  • All our devices have one fixed size: that is sturdier and convenient

Hey! Go for the bundle (machine + cutter), which is cheaper than buying the devices separately.