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Changing the red grip on a button machine - customise it

23 Oct 2019
door Ruben

Is your button machine red grip worn out or do you prefer another color?

Changing the hand grip of a button machine is very easy to DIY.

* Simply cut of the old handle
* Clean metal
* Lubricate
* Apply new grip of choice
* Done!

I used a cheap silicone grip for a bmx bike (the diameter is a perfect fit). It is open on both sides, but try to find a grip that is closed to one side. Otherwise, as you can see near the end of the video, the metal handle shows. We solved this by putting a 25mm (1 inch) magnet on it.

Also this particular green grips feel a bit too sticky (slimy). I would use a more foam-like grip next time. It has a nicer touch to it and is more ergonomic.

Feel free to ask for more advise or just leave a comment. Very interested what tips or questions you may have!



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