Your own buttons?

Do you need bandbuttons, promotional material for your event, party or youth movement? Or maybe you need really nice namebuttons instead of the normal nametags? 
Here you can find everything you need for your buttons.

Your own design, personalized, designed by our in-house designers, ... everything's possible.



How do we work?

It's very simple: You choose a format and decide with aid of pricesour pricelist the quantity you wish. Then you send us your design/picture/idea (if possible keep in mind the technical information) and we will take care of all the rest! 

A few days later you can expect your buttons by mail or UPS.

Our current standard button sizes are: 
- 25mm (1 inch)
- 25x25mm square (1 inch) 
- 32mm (1.25 inch) 
- 38mm (1.50 inch)
- 44mm (1.75 inch) 
- 55mm (2.25 inch) 
- 75mm (3 inch)

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