Rental conditions

1) These conditions relate to the letting of the contract goods + accessories between Pahoehoe Ltd, established in 2550 Duffel, hereinafter referred to as Pahoehoe and the contract named tenant. 

2) This Agreement is concluded for an indefinite period from the date specified in the contract unless written otherwise. 

3) The tenant must have the property rented by Pahoehoe to retrieve and termination of the lease to Pahoehoe back, unless otherwise in writing between the parties. 
If the date of return of the goods has been the tenant immediately due to Pahoehoe a penalty equal to the expired lease times. 

4) The goods are at issue and return control to deficiencies. Without immediate reaction and record these at the site are considered as being in good condition there. 

5) The tenant is required to provide the goods hired under this Agreement to use 
- The rented property in accordance with the operating instructions, which when delivered to tenant notified, treatment; 
- No changes to the leased goods to market; 
- Subletting and making available to third parties only with written permission from Pahoehoe to occur. 

6) If repairs are necessary due to onvakkundige treatment and repairs by third parties, use of unsuitable accessories, or any other cause which does not qualify as normal wear can be seen, the separate and additional cost to the tenant will be charged. 

7) - The tenant is obliged, before he hired goods received, to Pahoehoe a Pahoehoe to establish deposit it. 
- Pahoehoe reserves the right to lease expiry periods to compensate for the deposit, as well as the cost of repair / cleaning / replacement. 
- Pahoehoe is obliged to guarantee the termination of the lease if the lessee has met all the rental to the tenant to give back. 

8) The tenant bears the full risk and responsibility of the leased property during the time that it available to the tenant, and any tenant will provide the necessary goods insured against damage from loss, theft, damage, etc. among others due to fire. 

9) - The tenant is obliged to any damage and any lack of the rented Pahoehoe to immediately report them. 
- If the defect or damage to rented property is not due to the tenant or third party is created, the tenant the right to replace the leased property during the remainder of the agreement provided that it is stocked. 
- Pahoehoe is in no way required for damaged items and / or equipment to take back or exchange to accept. 

10) for damage or injury by the tenant to a third party or own directly or indirectly by the use of the leased property caused Pahoehoe is in principle not liable. Tenant will Pahoehoe relevant for all claims of third parties. 

11) If the tenant out of state, for whatever reason, the leased goods to return, should a tenant to Pahoehoe by Pahoehoe to determine compensation payable, the size of the replacement value of the leased goods. 

12) Payments in EUR should be made on the financial account of the seller and the cash or not later than the due date indicated on the invoice. 

13) All disputes in connection with the agreements between the buyer and seller, regardless of the nature to legality, interpretation, application or performance, terms and conditions are governed by Belgian law. For all disputes, only the courts of Mechelen, Belgium, responsible